Berk Lipa carbon saddle

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  • Berk Lipa carbon saddle
  • Berk Lipa carbon saddle
  • Berk Lipa carbon saddle
  • Berk Lipa carbon saddle
  • Berk Lipa carbon saddle
Berk Lipa carbon saddle Berk Lipa carbon saddle Berk Lipa carbon saddle Berk Lipa carbon saddle Berk Lipa carbon saddle

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Lipa is new, short and narrower Berk saddle.

A completely new seat design with a shorter nose and more legroom. The T-shaped seat is primarily designed for riders with narrower pelvic areas who are looking for good stability in all positions, as it relieves the soft tissues completely, even during aggressive posture. Its shorter design also makes it suitable for gravel and mountain cross bikes.

A new feature of the seat is the so called ‘flat-flat’ design, which fits perfectly to the shape of the pelvis and distributes pressure evenly between the buttocks and pubic bones. This means that point pressures on the bones are a thing of the past and comfort & stability are a thing of the present.

The seat has rounded edges to prevent riders from bruising their inner thighs.

Lipa simmilar to:

Specialized Phenom
Prologo Schratch M5
Syncros Tofino 135
Fizik Antares
Selle Italia Flite
The main difference between Ploh and Lipa is in the so-called “leg clearance”. Although both seats are shorter designs, the wide seat expands earlier and gives the cyclist more stability in the seat. It also allows more forward-looking scrolling when the posture is aggressive. The wide seat, however, will not be suitable for people who have had problems rubbing against the seat on the inside of the thigh in the past. In this case, the better choice will be the narrower seat, which is t-shaped and has the first third of the seat narrowly. This provides enough room for the thigh part.

An important part of both seats is the ‘flat’ design. Although 135 and 145 is width, the actual seat is comparable to even wider seats (e.g. 155 from Specialized Power).

Look: carbon, matte or gloss finish

Width: 130 mm

Lenght: 250 mm

Weight: 75 g

Rails: oval 7×9 mm

Max rider weight: 100 kg

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